The McTier dedication to the arts, coupled with their modern sporting
interest as well as the preservation of its history, is truly unique. Lucy is
greatly sought after for her portrait abilities and social commentary
paintings, while Jace is known for his powerful portrayal of the human
figure captured in explosive color.

Whether they are in the Oval office, Madison Square Garden, or
ringside sketching- McTier Art is capturing the history of today and the
heroes of tomorrow.
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You may download our
portfolio or browse the site -
Champions 4 is an
Irish/American fund
raising campaign in
aid of Barretstown
in Ireland and the
Press On Fund in the
USA, through the
sales of McTier Art
originals and

for more info.
Lucy McTier will be showcasing her
Wildlife and Low Country art May 6
through June 2 at Beaufort River
Glass. Address: 208 West Street
Beaufort, SC 29902
website for hours of operation.
Jace McTier's
Ali/Angelo Dundee
Collection will be
showcased at the
historic O2 Arena in
London, England for
the "I Am the
Greatest" exhibit  
March 4 to August 31,

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