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Artist Reps:
David McTier....706.699.0660

Ty McTier....706.699.4884
(Please contact a McTier Art Rep for
portrait commission information)

McTier Art E-Mail:
1. Do you paint from photographs or from life?
  Jace and Lucy both sketch from life as well as photographs.

2. Do you work in Oil or Acrylics?
  Lucy and Jace are proficient in both. We have a different price structure for each medium.

3. What is the cost of an original painting?
  Both Lucy and Jace's work begin at $5,500. (single subject 16"x20") and vary based on size, medium and number of subjects.  

4. Do you offer prints of your art?
  Some of our originals are available in Giclée reproductions. Please contact us if you are interested in a particular piece.

5. I have an old photograph that I would like to have painted; can you create an original from the photograph?
  As long as you are the copyright holder (i.e. you took the photograph or you have secured the rights to create a work of art from the

6. What is your portrait procedure?
   Step One: Appointment
McTier Art will set up a time and place to come and take photographs. Jace and Lucy do their own photography, both to get to know the subject and to
artistically see through the lens what we want to paint. They can also paint from your photographs.

   Step Two: Commitment
One half of the total commission is required up front. The balance is due upon delivery and your satisfaction.

   Step Three: Photography
Lucy and Jace take their own photographs to explore several different ideas or backgrounds. Your painting should say something about your lifestyle;
you have the freedom to use a beach scene, garden, lakeside, athletic event, woodland area, or infinite other possibilities. They paint many different
types of portraits:
Corporate portraits are vibrant and unique when natural lighting is used; compositions near a window or “on site” give a sense of place.
Bridal portraits are unique and a treasure for the mother of the bride or as a gift to the couple.
Children’s portraits are full of color, light and character with an emphasis on the childlike luminosity of youth.
Athletic portraits are exciting because we are able to successfully portray action and detail.
Equestrian or Animal portraits can enliven the painting of anyone who loves them. We have both painted horses in action for many years.

   Step Four: Choice
We will then send you the finest examples for your consideration. Once you have chosen your favorite composition, the artist will begin as soon as
possible. Each portrait is finished in the order that we are commissioned, and your waiting period is dependent upon a waiting list, usually from six
months or more.

   Step Five: Delivery
We will call you when your portrait is ready, and you may then set up a time to receive the painting at my studio, at your home, or arrange for shipping.
The painting will be delivered unframed, as most of our clients prefer to work with their own galleries or framing centers to complement their décor.
When you commission an original by Jace or Lucy, you receive an original oil painted singularly by the artist you commission.

Please contact us if you have any questions! 706.699.0660
Frequently Asked Questions