2008 Amen Corner Series
“Golden Sunset over the Golden Bell”
Artist: Jace McTier
16” x 20” Oil on Board
“Light at the End of Amen”
Artist: Jace McTier
14” x 18” Oil on Board
“Amen Afternoon”
Artist: Jace McTier
16” x 20” Oil on Canvas
"The Hawk Looking Over Augusta"In
Memory of Ben Hogan
Artist: Jace McTier
30” x 36” Oil on Board
Red Tailed Hawk Over the Golden Bell (in memory of Ben Hogan)
"Party at the Old Manor House"
Artist: Jace McTier
16” x 20” Oil on Canvas
"Rory McIlroy"
Artist: Jace McTier
30” x 24” Oil on Canvas
"Darren Clarke"
Artist: Jace McTier
30” x 24” Oil on Canvas
"Padraig Harrington"
Artist: Jace McTier
30” x 24” Oil on Canvas
"Graeme McDowell"
Artist: Jace McTier
30” x 24” Oil on Canvas
"Brennan's Swing"
Artist: Jace McTier
20” x 16” Oil on Masonite
Brennan Simkins helping Jace begin
the Irish Major Champion Series
"Irish Major Champions"
Artist: Jace McTier
60” x 48” Oil on Canvas
(4 Original Paintings designed to be hung as one)
"Irish Major Champions"

This unique autographed collection of
Jace McTier originals showcases Rory
McIlroy, Darren Clarke, Padraig
Harrington and Graeme McDowell and
was created with in association with
PressOnFund.org and Paul Newman's
Barretstown. These great champions
have allowed these two charities to
sell the originals as well as limited
edition prints to help fund the fight
against childhood cancer.

Budding artist, golfer and cancer
survivor, ten year old,  Brennan
Simkins came up with the design
concept and helped Jace begin the
paintings. "He attacked the canvas
with absolute certainty and boldness.
His brush work and use of color set
the tone for the entire project. I've had
the great opportunity to paint some of
the greatest athletes and fighters in
sports history and I've never seen
anyone with more fight and fire in their
eyes than Brennan. His life, attitude
and story are an inspiration to
thousands of people and my family
has been blessed by his
perseverance and his desire to Press
On." - Jace McTier

Visit Champions4.com for more
information on this project and the
future print release.
"Nelson in '37"
Artist: Jace McTier
11” x 14” Oil on Canvas
"Pressing On"
Brennan Simkins
Artist: Jace McTier
20” x 30” Oil on Linen
"Irish Drive"
feat: Rory McIlroy
Artist: Jace McTier
Four Paintings Totaling
30” x 96” Oil on Canvas
Residing just outside of Augusta,
Georgia, Jace has always enjoyed golf
as part of his life and art.

"The golf swing and the golfer's
painstaking devotion to technique, mind
and body control to perform under
pressure against God's green earth, is
a work of art in itself," said McTier.

Anthony Ravielli's illustrations in the
iconic golf bible: "Ben Hogan's Five
Lessons: The Modern Fundamentals of
Golf," have given McTier a deep
appreciation for history that art has
played in growing the historic game.

"I believe it is my duty and challenge, as
an artist, to capture the energy and
emotion of the game and its players so
that our children might also be inspired
to greatness." -  Jace McTier
McTier Golf Art
Featuring the Art of Jace McTier
"What a Year 2015"
Jordan Spieth
Artist: Jace McTier
36” x 24” Acrylic on Board
"April Hues at the Old Manor
Augusta Georgia
Artist: Jace McTier
30” x 40” Acrylic on Board
Press Release from the Chiari & Syringomyelia Foundation:
View on
Robert Tyre "Bobby" Jones Jr. was an American amateur golfer and
a lawyer by profession. Jones founded and helped design the
Augusta National Golf Club and co-founded the Masters
Tournament. Bobby Jones was the most successful amateur golfer
ever to compete on a national and international level. In 1948, citing
health reasons, he quit golf permanently. Jones was diagnosed with
The Chiari & Syringomyelia Foundation ("CSF") has worked closely
with the Jones family to educate physicians, allied scientists, and the
lay community about Chiari malformation, syringomyelia and related
disorders while generating awareness and funds to find a cure for
the painful disorder that crippled their grandfather.  The Bobby Jones
Classic for CSF is an annual golf tournament held each May at East
Lake Golf Club in honor of Bobby Jones.  It is a tribute to the legend
and the man. This year, we are working with McTier Art to capture
the beauty of his swing and the magic moments of his life, in oils.  
These paintings, crafted by master artists, will inspire generations
through artistic medium and raise funds for research through the
sale of a limited number of reprints of these paintings.

"Major Beginnings"
Feat: Robert Tyre "Bobby" Jones Jr.
Artist: Jace McTier
35” x 42” Oil on Board
(Benefiting Barretstown and the Press On Fund)
"Pelican on the Harbour"
Harbour Town Hilton Head Island, South Carolina
Artist: Lucy McTier
"The Fisherman's Boat" (Pelicans)
Harbour Town Hilton Head Island, South Carolina
Artist: Lucy McTier
40"x30" Oil on Canvas
"The Grand Achievement"
(Robert Tyre "Bobby" Jones Jr.)
East Lake Atlanta, Georgia
Artist: Lucy McTier
40"x32" Oil on Canvas
"The Apple Tree Gang"
The First photographed round of golf played in America. Yonkers, New York
Artist: Jace McTier
36” x 24” Acrylic on Board
Lucy McTier Golf Art
"What a Moment in '86"
(Jack Nicklaus)
Augusta, Georgia
Artist: Lucy McTier
36"x24" Oil on Board
"The Stroke"
(Jack Nicklaus)
Augusta, Georgia
Artist: Lucy McTier and Jace McTier
24"x36" Oil on Board
"Enlistment into Arnie's Army"
(Arnold Palmer, Augusta 1960)
Artist: Jace McTier
48” x 32” Acrylic on Board
"The King in 1958"
(Arnold Palmer)
Artist: Jace McTier
32.5” x 40” Acrylic on Board
"Where It All Began"
"Old" Tom Morris and St. Andrews, Scotland.
Artist: Jace McTier
24” x 36” Acrylic on Board
“Where It All Began” (Old Tom Morris and St.
"Several weeks ago, while waiting to showcase my art
at the One World Trade Center - my first public NYC
showing - I made a pilgrimage to the Metropolitan
Museum of Art. I have dedicated my life to the
creation of art and preservation of champions I
admire most. After intensely studying the works of
Rembrandt, Jacques-Louis David and John Singer
Sargent, I wandered into the impressionist wing on
the light-sienna wood floors outlined in the white
marble of the old depository, and stood in awe: there
before me is Monet’s brilliant purples, greens and
electric, vibrant colors in his atmospheric perspective-
it was a revelation to me.

Well known for his gorgeous landscapes, Monet's self-
portraits actually inspired me most. His beard reminds
me of a photo from the early 1900’s of the Scotsman,
“Old” Tom Morris, credited with partial design of the
legendary St. Andrews golf links- the modern
eighteen-hole layout in which golf is played. I love to
recreate historical events in dynamic color.

With a vision to capture the game of golf (partly due
to my Scottish heritage and my new-found inspiration)
I painted vigorously to pursue this new God-given
direction. The look of this old man’s face, and the
connection he had with God’s earth-he truly made a
lasting impression on the world around him. With
artists and sportsmen, “Where It All Began” (Old Tom
Morris and St. Andrews) is much like a bridge for us
who seek to live both creatively and passionately.
The brilliance of Monet and Morris energize my
work…" Jace McTier
"Going for the Green"
Augusta, Georgia
Artist: Jace McTier
20” x 20” Acrylic on Board
"Champions Road"
Rickie Fowler
Artist: Jace McTier
36” x 24” Acrylic on Board
"Spirits of Shinnecock"
Shinnecock Hills 2018 U.S. Open
Artist: Lucy McTier
36” x 24” Acrylic on Board