Jace mcTier & Angelo Dundee

Jace McTier creates a historic series of boxing art chronicling the Hall of Fame trainer Angelo Dundee and the great stories of his career.

In 2009, McTier teamed up with Angelo Dundee to recreate the history of boxing through the great trainer’s eyes. To Jace, this was a dream come true. Master works such as “Titans of 5th St.” as well as his interpretation of the “Phantom Punch” (or “Anchor Punch” that lifted Sonny Liston off the canvas and propelled Ali on his path to greatness) have been displayed all over the world and have brought McTier to meet and paint sporting legends such as Muhammad Ali, George Foreman and many of the boxing world’s greats. These very originals have been showcased in the historic “I am the Greatest” Muhamad Ali exhibit in London, England at the O2 Arena (March 4th – August 31st 2016). Excerpt from the O2’s press release: "The exhibition also features four pieces of original artwork, created by world famous sports artist and friend of Ali’s trainer Angelo Dundee, Jace McTier. These are displayed in the Angelo Dundee room as he saw the essence of Ali in Jace’s artwork and felt that the pieces captured the graceful movements of Ali in the ring."

“This kid is the next Neiman. LeRoy is a great friend of mine, I helped him get started in boxing early by inviting him to sketch Carmen Basillio in the 50’s- and Jace knows his stuff. His knowledge of technique and use of color are fantastic!" – Angelo Dundee

Jace’s work underscored the talents of Dundee so faithfully that Jace was asked to allow his work to serve as a tribute on stage for Angelo’s funeral in Tampa, Florida in early 2012. McTier is currently working with the George Foreman family in producing an art book that captures history through exciting stories written by Dennis Taylor. The book will feature boxing legends both past and present and is due out later this year.