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When the sacred moment arrives, make it a memorable one
portriats still stunning in their color and detail after four or five
hundred years. The legacy your daughter has for the centuries
can be captured and proudly displayed in your home and later
given as a gift to her and her husband. Your children will
wonder at the new beginnings their parents had together.
Granddaughters will dream about the future when they too will
walk the aisle. Remember the classical art of Lucy and Jace
McTier. Their training and use of the finest materials will
guarantee you the best talent has to offer.
Portrait in progress.
Each painting has the drama and detail that few can achieve. Why settle for a photograph alone when you can have a
piece of art that mirrors the intensity of the artist and the nature of the bride? Notes on hair and eye color, as well as
small details can make a painting that thrills the viewer.  We meet with you at your choice location and can sketch out
the size and ideas for compostion to give you peace of mind. With some planning, you can have your painting on the
site of the reception to add class and beauty to the exciting occasion.

Please contact Jace or Lucy for further information or if you have any questions:
(706) 699 - 0660
(706) 699 - 0659
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