Jace David McTier

McTier has had the wonderful
opportunity to paint some of the greatest
athletes and fighters of his generation;
but little compares to God's majestic
creatures of the deep. Jace is currently
studying 19th century whaling and
working with underwater photographers
to create a series of paintings based on
Herman Melville's classic - Moby Dick.

    "Why is almost every robust
    healthy boy with a robust healthy
    soul in him, at some time or other
    crazy to go to sea?" asks Melville.
    I pray that my heart will always find
    itself in awe as I go, as often as
    possible, whether it be by voyage
    or as I dip my brush into the deep
    ultramarine hues of my palette, to
    the sea - Jace McTier

The Mighty Bullshark
Artist: Jace McTier
Size: 24" x 30" Acrylic on Board
(photo reference by
JK Photography)
The Lawyer (False Bay Law)
Artist: Jace McTier
Acrylic on Board
(Breeching Great White Shark)